Choosing the Best Orthodontist in Greensboro North Carolina

Many times, people confuse between a dentist and an orthodontist. While both help to improve oral health, an orthodontist specifically focuses on occlusion, aligning the teeth, and correcting bites. Sometimes, teeth grow crooked.

It can make an individual more conscious when smiling or laughing because showing their crooked teeth is an insecurity to them. Crooked teeth can also mean discomfort when chewing. It is these reasons that make a person seek an orthodontist treatment.

Perfectly aligned teeth are a confidence booster to an individual. A person can confidently laugh and talk when he has well-positioned. It is normal to see people seeking orthodontists to align their teeth or jaws for that perfect smile and teeth arrangement. One should consider the following factors when looking for an ideal orthodontist Greensboro NC lists or any other place.

1. References and Reviews

Normally, your regular dentist should refer you to a good orthodontist for treatment. If this is not the case, one can research qualified and highly recommended orthodontists within their area.

The research can be through asking friends, neighbors, or even colleagues who have had their teeth corrected before. They can direct you to a good hospital with the best orthodontist.

If it is Google research, one should focus on the ratings and reviews. If the reviews are mostly negative with low ratings, one should avoid the said orthodontist. Positive reviews and a few negative reviews should not make you discredit the orthodontist immediately.

Please read the reviews and check whether the orthodontist replied to the reviews and whether he did it professionally or not. Positive reviews and star ratings of above 4 mean quality services upon said orthodontist.

2. Experience and Education

Every orthodontist was once a dentist at one point. Not every dentist could do the works of an orthodontist unless they furthered their studies, specified in orthodontics, and qualified. To be certain, one can ask for biographical reports of the orthodontist’s education and experience in giving treatment.

One trains for ten years to be an orthodontist. The first 3-4 years in acquiring an undergraduate college degree before attending a dental school for four years. The dentist then enrolls in a graduate program for 2-3 years to acquire a Master of Science in Orthodontics.

An experienced orthodontist may have seen complex and unusual cases and is, therefore, able to work on any case. In addition to that, a doctor who has practiced for a long period is more flexible in accepting payments and sending out reminders to customer service.

3. Treatment costs

Once you have a variety of ideal orthodontists to choose from, the next step would be to compare their fees for treatment. To avoid surprises, one has to ask questions about the treatment they are about to undergo and what it will cost. An ideal doctor should clearly explain the costs and any additional charges to you. In addition to that, one can ask whether they have any payment plans or participate in payment programs.

Payment plans are inclusive of dental insurance, which should be in-network and offer huge discounts. On the other hand, payment programs like financing make large payments more manageable.

It is, however, important for one to note that cheap orthodontic payments translate to poor services. See this link to read more about when you see an orthodontist

4. Technology and techniques

Another important step is to ensure that your orthodontist has the latest technology to make your experience more comfortable and treatment times lower than orthodontists who still use old technologies. Old and outdated equipment often gives incorrect and inappropriate readings.

Discussed below are some of the latest technologies used in orthodontics.

  • Propel for orthodontics – whether using braces or Invisalign, it speeds up the process of bone remodeling.
  • iTero Digital Impressions – these are easier, faster, and more accurate. Unlike conventional dental impressions, iTero digital impressions quickly capture accurate impression data. Using this accurate impression data, your orthodontist can then make a dental crown or prosthetic.
  • Nitrous oxide – Dentists commonly use nitrous oxide on their patients for sedation and pain relief when undergoing minor medical operations.

5. Office location and environment

Considering the various appointments one has concerning the treatment process, one should seek an orthodontist located around his home area. Otherwise, it will be very frustrating for one to regularly travel long distances to see a doctor, yet there are some near his home.

A clean and neat environment where the staff is friendly and professional is also a booster. An orthodontist with staff members at the front office who are welcoming and willing to help shows how they relate with patients. Staff members who have worked for long periods and are retained show their loyalty and confidence to an orthodontist.

Orthodontic treatment

6. Scheduling

Orthodontic treatment is a process that could take months or even a year. This means that one may have monthly appointments with the doctor to adjust braces or routinely check his procedure. One has to consider a flexible orthodontist whose working hours are compatible with your schedule. Also Read – Everything You Need to Know about Dental Implants

7. Services provided

Nowadays, most orthodontics offers a variety of services that is fit for all clients. However, one should inquire about a specific service he needs before committing. A clinic could offer services by a pediatric orthodontist or senior orthodontist who serves children only or adults only, respectively.

An orthodontist could also work with metal braces only. It means that if you want Invisalign braces, this specific orthodontist will not suit you, and instead, you will have to find one that works with Invisalign braces. Some orthodontists work with all types of braces and can also serve anyone and everyone. Click here to see a few benefits you would enjoy by visiting an orthodontist.


It is safe to say that orthodontic services and treatment are among the most in-demand health services. Choosing an orthodontist is a process that a person should not rush. The factors discussed above should help one acquire a reputable and reliable orthodontist.